Superior Formulations LLC

It's time to Think Outside The Drum™

Why Dry?

For more than fifty years anti-tack/anti-block coatings have been shipped to the rubber industry as water-based slurries and dispersions. The water content of these products ranges from fifty to eighty-six percent. Considerable freight savings can be had by adding water after the product is in your plant.

OVERCOAT is the only line of products that allows you to do just that.

In addition to saving fifty percent or more of the inbound shipping cost, other benefits can be realized by using our dry anti-tack slab dip products that are hydrated automatically on site.

Some of the benefits are:

These benefits can be realized now with the Superior Formulations LLC paradigm-changing dry OVERCOAT product line. The Superior product technology is based on nearly eighty years of experience designing anti-tack slab dip products and designing hardware and software for industry.

Hydrating OVERCOAT anti-tacks is easily and automatically performed by our patent-pending CONSTITUTER™. The CONSTITUTER is about the size of a 55-gallon drum and sits next to your dip tank. It automatically adds your plant's water to the self-contained mix tank, heats it, adds OVERCOAT powder, and mixes until ready for use. Fresh dip slurry is stored in a self-contained holding tank, available for use as needed.

The CONSTITUTER also provides hands-free dip tank management. Your plant personnel "dial in" the target solids percentage, and the CONSTITUTER does the rest, adding water or fresh OVERCOAT slurry as needed to maintain your dip tank's fluid level and solids percentage level. Their only involvement is to empty bags of OVERCOAT powder into the hopper.

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